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How to pack an item for safe mailing?

The item transportation cycle is frequently longer than we imagine. As of the moment of the pick-up by the courier service, the item is transported and handled several times until it reaches the destination. See an example on the image/animation below:

Item Transportation Cycle

The farther an item is mailed, the more durable its packaging should be. To see the shortest path, view the image below. And probably it will become clearer how important careful packaging of an item is, because the handling cycle is much longer than we imagine:



The farther an item is mailed, the more durable its packaging should be.
To learn more about the basics of correct packaging, choose the type of item to be sent:



1.Choose an undamaged packaging, box, which fits the size and the shape of the item the best.
2.The package must cover the item entirely.
3.It must be possible to transport the item in the package in such a way, that they are inseparable from each other.
4.The item MUST NOT move freely, free movement should be restricted with a padding material, which absorbs slight impact as a result of fluctuations during the transportation of the item.
5.It should be possible to place the item on other items, so that they do not damage each other during the transportation.
6. The content of the postal item must not be accessible without fully damaging the package


1.The item on the pallet must be stable to prevent its inclination and falling on other items during the transportation.
2.The item must not go beyond edges of the pallet in width or length
3. Pallets intended for transportation must be used, which can be lifted with a special machine such as a forklift or a pallet jack.
4. Use pallets of proper quality, which can withstand the weight and transportation of the item without falling apart.


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