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Importans information on pre-holiday deliveries

Importans information on pre-holiday deliveries

Traditionally, the pre-holiday period is the busiest period, as shipments are increasing every day and new shipment records are being set. We operate in an enhanced mode so that each shipment reaches its addressee on time, but we draw your attention to the fact that currently shipments are delivered within 3 working days.

We invite you to send the shipments in time so that they can reach their recipients by the holidays!

Delays in international shipments, especially to the United States

Delays in international shipments, especially to the United States

The traditional increase in freight flows in anticipation of the end-of-year holidays, which this year has been exacerbated by the still limited capacity of air transport, is currently delaying the delivery of international shipments, a trend towards the United States. There is a limited space in planes, especially to United States and Postal companies in many European countries are waiting in line for them.

The end of the year has traditionally been the busiest working time for post offices around the world, and the spread of Covid-19 is still a major factor in the impact of parcel delivery this year, with negative effects on transport options and delivery times. The further away is destination country from Latvia, the shipment may be delayed for a longer period of time, especially in cases where there is no direct air traffic between the countries and the shipments are in transit between different countries.

International shipments may be delayed

Dear customer!

Please note that due to the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia and abroad, the situation is still serious and affects the delivery process. Deliveries are also hampered by congestion and queues at international transit airports, which are further affected by the approach of the Christmas season. In addition, delivery conditions that prevent shipments from reaching recipients on time are also possible in each individual country. This means that any delivery times and quality standards at international level have been abolished and are not valid.

Working hours on public Holidays

We would like to inform you that the working hours of Eksprespasts have been changed on public holidays. On the Day of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia on November 18, as well as on the holiday determined by the state on November 19, Eksprespasts will also have a holiday.

We urge customers to be careful: fraudsters are currently being active in the e-mail environment!

We urge our customers to be careful: fraudulent activities are currently being observed in the e-mail environment! When you receive a suspicious message, do not open the link, be sure to check the sender’s e-mail address and under no circumstances give your personal information to fraudsters. Latvijas Pasts e-mail address and websites always end with or — everything else can be considered fake notifications.

International shipments may be delayed

Due to the measures to control the coronavirus Covid-19 both in Latvia and in other countries, delays in international shipments are possible. Please note that delivery conditions vary from country to country based on morbidity rates and restrictions. We invite customers to be understanding and to take into account the longer delivery time of shipments, which cannot be determined precisely.

Express Mail Service working hours during Midsummer`s holidays

From June 23 till June 27 Express Mail Service is not picking up items from addressees and is not making item deliveries. Last possible deliveries before Midsummer`s holidays will be made on June 22.

From June 23 to June 27 our Customer Service Centers will be closed, You can reach us till June 22 17:00.

Possible delays in deliveries due to an emergancy

Please note that due to the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia and abroad the situation is still serious and affects the delivery process. We process and deliver an increasing number of shipments and do our best to deliver the shipments to the recipients as soon as possible. Please note that delivery times for international shipments may also be longer than specified and delivery conditions vary from country to country based on morbidity.

Currently we are providing deliveries to all previously available destinations, items that cannot be sent abroad immediately are stored in Latvijas Pasts sorting center and will be sent out as soon as possible.

Brexit changes from 1. January, 2021.

Please be informed that due to the exit of the United Kingdom (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) from the European Union, the following changes, which will take effect as of 1 January 2021, shall be taken into consideration:

  • The consignments to the United Kingdom may require longer processing and delivery time due to customs formalities;
  • Instead of 21% VAT rate, the VAT rate of 0% will be applied.

The performance of relevant customs formalities will be required for the incoming consignments from the United Kingdom, by clearing the consignments and paying the taxes enforced by the state. The conditions for the application of taxes and information on customs clearance is available from the State Revenue Service- or +371 67120000.

Starting from 09.11.2020. customer signature during delivery will not be collected

In connection with order of the Cabinet of Ministers No.655 of 6th November 2020 “Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation” 5.36 point: the condition laid down in the laws and regulations regarding the obligation of the addressee to sign in the area of the informative notice “date and signature” or on the sensor of the signature capturing device shall not be applicable during the emergency situation, if the postal operator, upon using consignment processing systems which prepare and aggregate the consignment receipt data, ensures documentary or electronic evidence that the particular consignment has been issued.

Signature on bills of lading and leasing documents will be requested in the previous order.

Express Mail provides fast delivery services
from hand to hand throughout the world.

Using the broad delivery network of Latvijas Pasts and collaboration partners, Express Mail is able to deliver items quickly and safely to the most remote places in the world.
Companies are offered a versatile item delivery system with several extra options. We offer the most affordable business solutions
and each customer gets a custom-tailored service.

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Mailing to Circle K and Post Offices

The item is delivered to a Circle K petrol station or a post office on the following business day.

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We provide the recipient with the possibility to pay for the goods in cash or using a payment card at the time of delivery.

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Processing of Documents

An item can be accompanied by documents, which we ask the customer to sign and return to the sender. We will return the received documents at your convenience – every day, once a week, twice a month, or once a month.

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Bulky Cargo

In the territory of Latvia, we also offer shipment of bulky cargo, pallets, where the sum of length, width and depth exceeds 2.1 m.

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