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Beware – scammers are sending emails!

We have received reports of scammers sending out fake emails claiming to be sent by express mail! Therefore, be careful and always check the sender’s e-mail address – Eksprespasts e-mail addresses always end with or Please do not click on links in emails or social media posts if you have any doubts about the authenticity of the message!

You can always check the information by contacting the Eksprespasts Customer Center at 67008008, 27008008, or by writing us a message on social media pages.

Information on customs clearance of shipments in Ukraine

For all postal items sent to Ukraine, there is a duty-free limit of 150 EUR, even if the parcel contains humanitarian aid. To avoid taxes and duties, the value of the postal item should be lower than 150 EUR per receiver per dispatch.

If several parcels are sent to 1 person, their total value should be lower than 150 EUR.

If Customs officers consider that the actual value of the content exceeds the value declared in the postal documents, customs duties and VAT may be charged.

Important information about pre-holiday deliveries!

In Latvia this year, the last delivery date of parcels before Christmas is December 23, and before the New Year – December 30.

During the end-of-year holiday period on December 24, 25, 26 and 31, 2022, some post offices in the shopping centers of major cities will be open and their working hours will be changed on this day. On January 1st, 2023, all post offices will have a holiday. During this time, more than 100 parcels of Latvijas Pasta can be used throughout the entire territory of the country for easy parcel receiving and sending.

Before the end of the year holidays, we invite our customers not to postpone the sending of parcels and gifts to the last moment!

December is traditionally the busiest work period for postal companies all over the world, therefore, approaching the end of 2022, Latvijas Pasts invites customers to make purchases in foreign online stores in time and send greetings and gifts to foreign countries for the end of the year holidays. The exact address must be indicated on the shipment and it must be ensured that there are no prohibited items in its contents.

When planning the desired time for the delivery of parcels, the distance to the addressee’s country should be taken into account – since the destination is further away, the parcel may be delayed on the way for a longer time, especially in cases where there is no direct air traffic between the countries at all and the parcels travel in transit between different countries.

When planning to send shipments in December, it should be expected that the delivery time of international shipments could be longer than tentatively determined.

Working hours on public Holidays

The 18th of November, which is the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, will be a non-working day at Eksprespasts.
Dozens of Latvijas Pasts indoor parcel lockers will be available for collecting and sending items throughout the country according to the opening hours of the shopping centres during the holiday period. In addition, customers can use outdoor parcel lockers next to several LIDL stores and Circle K gas stations available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regarding the delivery of parcels in Ukraine

Despite the ongoing attacks in Ukraine, Ukrainian Post continues to deliver parcels to recipients. However, we would like to inform you that the delivery of parcels to certain regions where active hostilities are taking place is not possible due security reasons and to damage or complete destruction of the infrastructure.

Regarding working hours on Midsummer holidays

From June 23 till June 26, including, Express Mail Service is not picking up items from addressees and is not making item deliveries. Last possible deliveries before Midsummer`s holidays will be made on June 22.

From June 23 to June 26 our Customer Service Centers will be closed, You can reach us till June 22 17:00 and from June 27 08:00

Regarding changes in Express Mail Service tariffs

Due to several global changes, we have significantly revised our Express Mail Service (EMS) tariffs. We would like to inform you that starting from April 7, 2022, we have had the opportunity to significantly reduce shipping rates to European countries by an average of 50%. In turn, we are forced to slightly increase shipping rates to the United States.
Tariff changes will affect the legal customers of the Express Mail Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact Latvijas Pasts by phone 67008002 or by writing to the e-mail address

Regarding fuel surcharge for domestic parcel flow

Dear Customer!

Due to the significant rise in fuel prices over the past year, we have been forced to reconsider the cost of our services. For several years we have been able to maintain and provide our customers with a stable and constant price of services, but taking into account the last year’s average increase in fuel prices by + 56%, we have decided that from April 1st, 2022 fuel surcharge will apply.

The fuel surcharge will be calculated according to the change in the monthly increase or decrease in fuel prices, based on the average fuel price for the previous month. For each following month, the average fuel price and fuel ratio will be published on the Eksprespasta website: in the section Price calculator.

The fuel surcharge will not apply to such services as parcel delivery to post offices, Latvijas Pasts parcel terminals, delivery of parcels at Circle K Latvia petrol stations, Baltic Express and EMS (Express Mail Service).

Customers who deliver items to post offices without an agreement with Express Mail are also asked to pay attention to changes in tariffs.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to its successful continuation!

Mail exchange with Ukraine resumed

Latvijas Pasts resumes accepting items to Ukraine, as a solution has been found for the transportation and delivery of items to Ukraine by road in cooperation with a Polish postal company. Shipments from Ukraine will also reach recipients in Latvia in the same way. However, please be aware that due to both war and land transportation and border crossings, the exchange of shipments will be longer and impossible in some areas.

Acceptance of shipments to Ukraine is suspended

Due to the declared state of war in Ukraine and the interruption of air traffic, the acceptance of postal items to Ukraine has been suspended.

Shipments addressed to Ukraine that have not yet been shipped from Latvia will be stored at Latvijas Pasts’s mail processing complex. As the situation changes, they will be directed to recipients in Ukraine or returned to the senders.

If the shipment has not been sent to Ukraine yet, is at Latvijas Pasts and the customer wants to receive it back immediately, please contact the Express Mail Customer Center: 67008008,

Due to the disruption of the SRS information systems, the customs clearance service is not available at Latvijas Pasts

Due to disturbances in the information systems of the State Revenue Service (SRS) on February 17, 2022, the operation of customs clearance systems was disrupted, which also affects the provision of customs clearance services for Latvijas Pasts items.

Until the operation of the customs clearance systems is restored, the items will not be cleared through customs at Latvijas Pasts branches, as well as the operation of the Latvijas Pasts customs clearance application will be affected, as it is not possible to submit a customs clearance declaration to the SRS due to disturbances.

In case of questions, Latvijas Pasts invites you to contact the SRS Consultative Phone 67120000 or Eksprespasts Call center: 67008008,

Covid-19 significantly complicates the work

Dear customer!

Please note that the rapid spread of Covid-19 also makes it difficult to process and deliver Express parcels. We continue to provide all services, but we inform you that delivery delays of up to 3 working days are possible.
When receiving parcels by courier, we encourage you to receive them outdoors, do not make long-term contact with the courier and keep a distance of 2 meters in all situations where it is possible.

International shipments may be delayed

Due to the measures to control the coronavirus Covid-19 both in Latvia and in other countries, delays in international shipments are possible. Please note that delivery conditions vary from country to country based on morbidity rates and restrictions. We invite customers to be understanding and to take into account the longer delivery time of shipments, which cannot be determined precisely.

Express Mail provides fast delivery services
from hand to hand throughout the world.

Using the broad delivery network of Latvijas Pasts and collaboration partners, Express Mail is able to deliver items quickly and safely to the most remote places in the world.
Companies are offered a versatile item delivery system with several extra options. We offer the most affordable business solutions
and each customer gets a custom-tailored service.

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Mailing to Circle K and Post Offices

The item is delivered to a Circle K petrol station or a post office on the following business day.

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We provide the recipient with the possibility to pay for the goods in cash or using a payment card at the time of delivery.

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Processing of Documents

An item can be accompanied by documents, which we ask the customer to sign and return to the sender. We will return the received documents at your convenience – every day, once a week, twice a month, or once a month.

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Bulky Cargo

In the territory of Latvia, we also offer shipment of bulky cargo, pallets, where the sum of length, width and depth exceeds 2.1 m.

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