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Delays are possible for deliveries to Canada

Canada is experiencing an unprecedented wildfire season in several provinces and territories and its effects are widespread. Wildfires raging in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia have ravaged several cities and forced thousands of residents to flee their homes. A state

Working hours during Solstice holidays

On Midsummer’s Day, June 23, 2023, postal services will be provided in individual post offices in Latvia’s largest cities, while June 24, will be a holiday for Latvijas Past employees. Eksprespasts will not pick up and deliver parcels to customers

Beware – scammers are sending emails!

We have received reports of scammers sending out fake emails claiming to be sent by express mail! Therefore, be careful and always check the sender’s e-mail address – Eksprespasts e-mail addresses always end with or Please do not click


Lūdzu atjauniniet savu pārlūkprogrammu

Jūsu Tīmekļa pārlūks nespēj pilnvērtīgi attēlot šo lapu, jo šī lapa ir būvēta balstoties uz moderniem Tīmekļa standartiem. Lai apskatītu šo lapu tās pilnā krāšņumā, aicinām jūs izvēlēties kādu no modernajiem Tīmekļa pārlūkiem, kas pieejami zemāk.

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