Possible delays in deliveries due to an emergancy - Express Mail Department

Possible delays in deliveries due to an emergancy

Dear Customer!

Please note that due to the spread of Covid-19 in Latvia and abroad the situation is still serious and affects the delivery process. International passenger flights are allowed at minimal level and with various additional conditions. Scheduled flights for parcel delivery may be canceled and we need to look for alternative delivery solutions. Deliveries are also hampered by congestion and queues in International transit airports which are also affected by the comming Christmas season. Each country has their own delivery conditions that prevent shipments from reaching recepients on time, delivery times and quality standards at international level are not in force.

Currently we are providing deliveries to all previously available destinations, items that cannot be sent abroad immediately are stored in Latvijas Pasts sorting center and will be sent out as soon as possible.


Lūdzu atjauniniet savu pārlūkprogrammu

Jūsu Tīmekļa pārlūks nespēj pilnvērtīgi attēlot šo lapu, jo šī lapa ir būvēta balstoties uz moderniem Tīmekļa standartiem. Lai apskatītu šo lapu tās pilnā krāšņumā, aicinām jūs izvēlēties kādu no modernajiem Tīmekļa pārlūkiem, kas pieejami zemāk.

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